VALOR is a financial institution dedicated to providing professional and discreet management of the client assets.

As a licensed investment company, we are subject to supervision of the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS). Our license to provide investment services can be found on the NBS website.


Our mission is to daily enhance and protect our clients´ assets.


Our goal is to be our clients´ most trusted and most reliable asset managers.

Our values

• Focus on client - our personal experience proves that if we do maximum for our clients in accordance with our conscience and best intentions, our success will follow the success of our clients.

• Transparency - we openly communicate our history, current challenges and our plans for the future.

• Reliability – we do everything to fulfill our clients´ expectations.

• Discretion - confidential protection of information about our clients is our utmost priority.

VALOR o.c.p., a.s. does not lend your money further and does not invest on its own account. As an investment firm, VALOR is just a manager of clients´ assets which are always held separately on segregated client accounts. VALOR o.c.p., a.s. also participates in Investment Guarantee Fund.

Segregation of clients´ funds from the assets of the investment firm protects your investment and, at the same time, motivates us to achieve greater profit for our clients. Our clients‘ trust and common vision are the foundations of the relationship in which we can grow together.

Size and an organisational structure of our company allows us to react more flexibly to the demands of our clients. We consider personal contact as the core feature of our confidential relationship with our clients. Discretion and protection of our clients´ information is our priority.

Our approach to managing our clients´ assets is based on a balanced relationship between the risk and the expected return. We strongly believe that only rational statistical system is able to provide effective management of client’s portfolio. Our investment strategy:

  • has precisely defined risk limits
  • is market neutral and allows you to profit from both the growth and the decline of the financial markets
  • does not limit the liquidity of your investment
  • is free of any entry or redemption fees

By signing the contract, every client of VALOR obtains access to the Client zone available through our website. Besides regular monthly statements the Client zone also provides the actualized overview of your financial assets entrusted to our company.

In addition to our investment solutions we offer our clients the opportunity to invest to almost unlimited financial instruments from around the world including the investment products offered by the world-known investment and asset management companies.

Tailor made investment certificates

Investment certificates are the special category of our offer which can be set up precisely according to your needs and requirements. This offer is available from the minimal deposit and besides other parameters the client can choose:

  • type of the investment certificate
  • currency in which the certificates will be denominated
  • maturity of the certificate
  • risk and return
  • underlying assets

Our investment process begins with an analysis of client’s financial and life situation together with the specification of client’s goals and expectations. For further information please do not hesitate to contact.

VALOR o.c.p., a.s.
Hviezdoslavovo nám. 25
811 02 Bratislava

T: +421 2 381 054 47
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